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Environment Bank

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Led by David Hill CBE (founding member of Natural England) and James Cross (former CEO of Natural England), Environment Bank is a team of leading ecologists dedicated to nature restoration and tackling the critical issue of biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse.

Since the Environment Act passed, we have been hard at work creating a national network of Habitat Banks to generate the Biodiversity Units required by developers to satisfy biodiversity net gain (BNG) planning requirements.

Designed by leading ecologists, our gold standard Habitat Banks deliver the best possible outcomes and are fully funded by Environment Bank and all monitoring and management responsibilities remain with us throughout.

Environment Bank collaborates closely with Defra, Natural England, and other stakeholders to shape environmental policy and guidance. They are part of a portfolio of pioneering companies in the Gresham House Sustainable Infrastructure Fund and are directly investing £240m of secured funding into an expanding network of landscape-scale Habitat Banks across England.